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Are you prepared for the possibility of downtime?

BCS - 4000 "Pat.Pending"US.CND 

Using groundbreaking technology, the BCS-4000 is a fully functional Disaster Recovery Device engineered to the highest degree of precision to minimize downtime which is critical in today's business environment


With assistance from CIA Computing, we developed the BCS—4000 at an affordable price point for small—to medium-sized businesses.

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In the event of a failure, the BCS - 4000 will spin up and run from in a Virtual Environment within the unit, saving you thousands in downtime.

The following options are available...

  • A Firewall

  • A Router

  • A Stateful packet filter

  • A multi-port Switch

  • An expandable Network Access Storage unit

  • An expandable Onsite storage device

  • Virtualization machine

  • A Server in Virtualization

  • A stand-alone Computer

  • A stand-alone Server for Linux or MS-Windows

  • Is completely customizable to meet or exceed the SMB marketplace requirements for running a small business.

  • A DNS server

  • An expandable local backup device

  • A DHCP server

  • Create a DMZ for hosting web servers

  • It also provides real-time data protection and backups of your entire system.

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