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Acronis local and Cloud Backup

Perfect for Managed Service Providers

  • Leverage your true potential by offering your customers the ability to back up virtually anything. Combine Mastermind Cloud Backup with Acronis Cloud Backup for the ultimate data recovery plan.

  • By using Acronis Cloud Backup, you can offer your customers the ability to back up Windows and Linux servers. It can back up Workstations, Android, Apple, and iOS. Acronis local and Cloud backup is available for Office 365, SQL and Microsoft Exchange applications.

Enhanced Ransomware Protection

Defend customers’ data, systems and backups from ransomware with Acronis Active Protection.

Eliminate the need to purchase and install hardware.
We have the infrastructure in place to support you and your customers.

100% White Label

Customize the Control Panel with your branding for a seamless user experience.

HIPAA & PIPEDA Compliant

  • Provide your customers with peace-of-mind by ensuring their data sovereignty. All of your customers data is stored in 100% Canadian operated Data Centres.

  • Mastermind Cloud Backup's primary data centre is compliant with PCI DCC, PIPEDA, and HIPAA. We are currently in the process of obtaining additional certifications such as SSAE16. At the same time Mastermind adheres to best practices in all operations and maintains a constant focus on I.T. environments.

  • We are ensuring that your organization’s mission-critical data has one of the highest levels of availability, leveraging data centres that provide redundant HVAC, network and UPS systems. Acronis follows the approach of Need plus Two (N+2) for greater redundancy. If there is a failure in a hardware-layer component, it will not affect Acronis’ critical infrastructure or Acronis customers. Acronis stores customer data employing its own software-defined storage solution, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure with Acronis CloudRAID technology.

Guarded physical locations

  • Data centres are physically defended 24/7 by security personnel, high fences, and video surveillance, while on-site entry requires biometric and key card access. Strict access control measures ensure that only authorized personnel can access the data centre.

Reliable facility management

  • Equipped with UPS and backup diesel-generators, Acronis data centers can provide a continuous supply of electricity through undefined power outages of up to 48 hours. HVAC, fire detection and suppression systems, alarms, and monitoring by surveillance cameras (CCTV) allow Acronis to provide a reliable infrastructure.

Streamlined Management

  • Multi-tenant service platform with multiple partner tiers

  • Multiple points of custom branding

  • Ability to enable/disable specific features for customers

  • Granular control over quotas for storage and devices

  • Integrates with Odin, HostBill, Flexiant, WHMCS, ConnectWise, Autotask, LabTech, and Microsoft Azure

  • Simplifies integration efforts with RESTful management APIs

  • Integrates with APS Cloud Application Standard v2.0/1.2

Powerful Integrations

Unified Cloud Console

  • Easy, centralized administration of all partner and customer accounts

  • A single console to manage a set of services from Acronis

  • Intuitive, touch-ready web console

  • Already in the Acronis Cloud – zero installation required

Acronis Backup Key Features for Service Providers

Acronis Backup Key Features for End Customers

Protection for any Workload

Protect Windows, Linux, Macs, six major hypervisors, iOS, Android, Microsoft apps, Office 365, website

Acronis Instant Restore

Recover systems in seconds by starting any system directly from your backup storage. (Depends on the end point internet)

AI-based ransomware protection

Defend customers’ data, systems and backups from ransomware with Acronis Active Protection.

Acronis Universal Restore

Perform dissimilar hardware recovery dramatically faster, without incompatibility issues.

Simple DRaaS add-on

Add DR functionality to the backup system in mere minutes in order to spin up systems in the cloud.

Fast, reliable backups

Avoid backup file corruption, resume/stop backup jobs any time, and back up at 1GIG/second and faster.

Quick self-service file recovery

Provide employees with a web-based console to access backups and search for and restore files from anywhere.

Secure Data Centres

Mastermind Cloud Backup data centres are Tier-IV designed and have received a number of major security certifications.

Complete Protection

Increase revenues easily by delivering efficient, on-demand, cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for Office 365

Office 365 backup demand is rising.

According to Gartner, 50% of Office 365 corporate customers will adopt third-party backup solutions by 2020.

As a result, service providers have a unique opportunity. They can grow their business by meeting the rising demand for third-party Office 365 backup solutions.

Deliver complete O365 protection.

Ensure customers get everything they need with Acronis’ cloud-to-cloud solution.

Protect Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online. Includes flexible recovery and backup search functions within all three services.

Defend O365 data easily.

The cloud-to-cloud approach avoids upfront costs and simplifies the configuration process. It also reduces maintenance because there's no need to install an agent.

Without delay, enable Office 365 customer protection using a turnkey, SaaS-based solution.

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