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Ransomware Protection

Ensure Your Company is Protected from Ransom Attacks with Mastermind Data Protection Services

A growing risk that all businesses need to be aware of and protect against is the risk of ransomware. If you are a victim of ransomware, a data thief will be able to take over your computer system and will threaten to steal and distribute your information unless you are willing to pay a ransom fee. In some cases, they can even lock you out completely and destroy your existing data systems.

Mastermind Data Protection can help businesses of all sizes today by providing ransomware protection. The company will help by establishing protocols that will make it very hard for someone to access your systems from the outside. This will include various firewalls and other security features that can help protect your company and provide you with peace of mind.

While you can reduce the risk of being a victim of ransom with proper ransomware protection, there is always a chance that they could access your systems and delete your most valuable files if you do not comply. Fortunately, in these situations Mastermind Data Protection can offer you a full data restore service. With proper data restore services, your data will be backed up regularly on the cloud. It will also be stored in a different place than your other servers, which ensures it will not be accessed during the same attack. If the data is properly stored, those with access will be able to quickly restore it onto their computers. This can help to minimize any disruption and keep your business running smoothly despite the attack.

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